Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Anyone out there?

I have not been to a blog site in so very long. Anyone still blog?

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have wanted these slipcovers from Ikea for quite sometime. We were in the area for my daughter's soccer tournament (about that later) and lo & behold they were on sale!! They are discontinuing the color so the chair slipcover was....$9! So I bought 5 of them & the sofa was $29 so I got 4. I will be re-doing my family room in the spring so they will have to wait to be used until then or maybe I will use it in the bedroom. Not sure, just knew I had to have it at that price! OR one day, my dream is to have my own girly get-away all old chippy white window room on the flat roof part of our home sort of like the one posted here Urban Farm Girl.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Most fav house in Ruston

Ruston home

A few times a year, I drive by this amazing home to get inspired/motivated to get my yard in impeccable shape as this yard is. I cannot imagine not a stray grass nor the slightest weed in my flower beds. Each year as summer ends I tell myself that next year it will be different. I will get an early start & my beds too will be perfection. I guess it will have to be next year...ah-gain.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Delayed Memorial Day pictures

Maddie Memorial Day 2010
On Memorial Day Ron, Maddie and I went to the cemetery to visit my father & Ron's father's grave site.

As usual the cemetery was quite grand on Memorial Day. The flags lined the streets and waved majestically in the wind. It sure stirs such patriotism in ones heart and gut. We were lucky to arrive in time to catch the tail end of the Masonics ceremony. There was a gentleman playing bag pipes so beautifully. Maddie didn't think highly of the sound of bag pipes. I guess it is an acquired thing or maybe it comes with age.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Great Stuff" store in Seattle

Great Stuff store in Seattle

Right smack next door to Susan's store is another incredible store called "Great Stuff". I could not walk away with getting the winged doll, pictured above. I am now on the hunt for other real bird wings to put on a few other vintage dolls I have. How did I not think of this??? Two things I love most (ok, there are a ton more) cracked, stained, a bit scary dolls and wings.

I was salivating over many things including never seen before airplane & doll molds, a to die for rosary bead chandelier (believe it was $4500...crap) and so many other things that I just have to dream about winning the lotto to get or maybe just a second job.
Great Stuff store in Seattle
Great Stuff store in Seattle
Great Stuff store in Seattle
Great Stuff store in Seattle

O...M...G Susan Wheeler's "Home" store

Susan Wheeler's store

Wow! I dropped off a few items at Susan's store and I was completely blown away by all the gotta haves. Alas, my pocketbook would not let me have my way. :(

Susan has such a knack for finding the most beautiful things & then having the innate ability to know just how to stage them, to pair them against something that are so opposite but compliment each other. I just am in awe of her talent. I almost had to take a chill pill my heart was racing so with each turn. There was a vintage rosary necklace that I lusted after. At $550 maybe my family can pool their funds & get it for my birthday along with 50 other things I simply can't do without. :)

I always hope that there will be a point in my life (God I hope soon) that I will think I have enough. Susan's store is not helping achieve that. If you are in Georgetown please stop in and experience "Home" and "Great Stuff". You will not be sorry. I think they are open Wed thru Saturday only.
Susan Wheeler's store
Susan Wheeler's store
Susan Wheeler's store
Susan Wheeler's store
Susan Wheeler's store

Monday, May 10, 2010

2nd Saturdays at Sandpoint

2nd Saturday at Sandpoint May 8 2010 my table

I was so fortunate to be invited to participate in 2nd Saturdays at Sandpoint by Linda Lu. Everyone was so wonderful and helpful. The vendors had some fabulous things to buy and treasure but unfortunately as soon as I got there I didn't have any time to browse before the crowd hit. I had to set up my area and just as I put the final touches on the hoards of shoppers ascended.

I was very happy to have sold all my treats. I am however HORRIFIED about one thing. I wanted to sell a group of desserts together. So I plated a trifecta on plastic plates that I (two day prior to the event) decoupaged with vintage French dictionary pages. I used a medium that was non-caustic. The plates turned out perfect. I wrapped 7 of them up in clear wrap & they all sold. I repeated this lovely plate for my daughter's soccer party for each of the players. When we got home, my daughter informed me that the cupcakes smelled funny. ARRRRGHHHHHHH! The medium oder (that looks funny...did I spell that right?) had not dissapated and it was absorbed by the treat.

I am so SORRY for those who bought this plate from me. I will be at 2nd Saturday on June 12th and I would be more than happy to give you 3 free cupcakes.

Lesson learned.
2nd Saturday at Sandpoint May 8 2010
2nd Saturday at Sandpoint May 8 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

On a lighter note

Hop Princess Madeleine

My Stella kitty

My Stella

It has been an extremely rough two weeks. My most favorite pet Stella is sick. We have had so many tests done and can't pinpoint exactly what it is. She is back home now from her stay with Dr. Smith. We are trying the third option and pray it will work. I would greatly miss my dear Stella.

Spring has sprung


I am feeling rejuvenated as is my garden. My poppies are hairy, wisteria is in bloom, rose bushes are full of buds and the birds busy with their nests in our birdhouses. My grass is the greenest now. I love Spring most of all.

Has it been that long??


Monday, December 28, 2009

The Two Darlings

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009