Monday, May 10, 2010

2nd Saturdays at Sandpoint

2nd Saturday at Sandpoint May 8 2010 my table

I was so fortunate to be invited to participate in 2nd Saturdays at Sandpoint by Linda Lu. Everyone was so wonderful and helpful. The vendors had some fabulous things to buy and treasure but unfortunately as soon as I got there I didn't have any time to browse before the crowd hit. I had to set up my area and just as I put the final touches on the hoards of shoppers ascended.

I was very happy to have sold all my treats. I am however HORRIFIED about one thing. I wanted to sell a group of desserts together. So I plated a trifecta on plastic plates that I (two day prior to the event) decoupaged with vintage French dictionary pages. I used a medium that was non-caustic. The plates turned out perfect. I wrapped 7 of them up in clear wrap & they all sold. I repeated this lovely plate for my daughter's soccer party for each of the players. When we got home, my daughter informed me that the cupcakes smelled funny. ARRRRGHHHHHHH! The medium oder (that looks funny...did I spell that right?) had not dissapated and it was absorbed by the treat.

I am so SORRY for those who bought this plate from me. I will be at 2nd Saturday on June 12th and I would be more than happy to give you 3 free cupcakes.

Lesson learned.
2nd Saturday at Sandpoint May 8 2010
2nd Saturday at Sandpoint May 8 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

On a lighter note

Hop Princess Madeleine

My Stella kitty

My Stella

It has been an extremely rough two weeks. My most favorite pet Stella is sick. We have had so many tests done and can't pinpoint exactly what it is. She is back home now from her stay with Dr. Smith. We are trying the third option and pray it will work. I would greatly miss my dear Stella.

Spring has sprung


I am feeling rejuvenated as is my garden. My poppies are hairy, wisteria is in bloom, rose bushes are full of buds and the birds busy with their nests in our birdhouses. My grass is the greenest now. I love Spring most of all.

Has it been that long??