Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hail Mary, full of grapes

December 11, 2007
I did this collage above for a winewalk we were having at our store "Folie a Deux". There was much drinking, eating and making merry. Just a whole lot of fun.
I truly cannot believe that Christmas is 2 weeks away. I have gotten only one gift so far for my son Dylan. It's getting harder and harder to get special gifts for my children. My youngest is still easy. Hannah Montana is the it thing to have for a girl 10 years old and she can never have enough clothes. To tell the truth, I think I can't get enough clothes for her because she just looks so darn cute in anything she wears. It's my fun.
On Friday, while my husband was away helping to take care of the clean up of hazardous waste down in Chehalis Washington due to the flooding, I decided to paint our bedroom. I painted it with Devine paints (it really is divine, I used it in my living room a few months ago Cocoa) in "Reflection". It's a watery frenchy blue. I painted the dresser and the mantle in our room with "Whip". I hung a chandelier up and it is on the road to being fabulous. Need a few more accessories. Hmm....Cindy Queen of Tarte sale coming up and I am sure she will have just the right piece to pull it together.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...

This weekend I continued my Christmas decorating. We had the perfect weather for it. Sunday it snowed...ok, it teased us with a sprinkle but it sure looked good for about 10 minutes. Then Monday came the downpour. Over 10 inches of rain fell & did some major havoc. But alas not to the building where I work.

On Saturday I sent my fabulous husband on a flocking spray run. He went to 7 stores & couldn't find any. Of course this is the first year I decided we needed a flocked tree and every other year before we would see that flocking spray but none this year. I finally told him to forget it and I will just go with a silver & glass glitter tree. It turned out just wonderful but I know that it would have been outrageous had it been heavily flocked. Oh well. I am thinking Paris pink for next year.

I also purchased 10 rolls of wrapping paper. Ron, my husband, thinks I may have gone just a bit too far with my control issues. I plan on giving the wrapping paper to anyone that is wrapping a present for under our tree. I want everything to just blend together nicely. No Spongebob (is that 2 words?) or dog & kitty wrapping paper under the tree that I painstakingly picked out each ornament to work together with each other . No way was Spongebob Square Pants going take all the focus away from the first view of the tree. Do you think that's overboard? I don't...but then again? Ehh.

Christmas decorating continues

Monday, December 3, 2007

Separation Anxiety

December 3, 2007

A close-up of a beeswax assemblage I did last year.