Monday, October 20, 2008

Barn House Season Finale

Saturday was the season finale for Barn House. It was to say the least incredible. Of course. Nothing these guys do is any less. Cindy of "Queen of Tarte" was their special guest/vendor. You can see her touches throughout the barn. Natalie of "Vintage Sparrow" (ok, I have to learn how to make these a link to their blogs!!) was there as were others. I was in my absolute glory buying like crazy.

The barn had been tranformed into a forest filled to the brim with had to have beauties. Everywhere I looked I saw something I just simply couldn't do without. Alas the winning lotto ticket was not mine so I had to refrain.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween is around the corner!

I love Halloween.

Last year I had a Halloween party for my daughter & her soccer team. I wasn't going to have another as it takes a bit of time pulling together all the decorations & to do something different this year than last years. A few projects going on but I think I am getting the itch as it approaches. I think I will make some plaster like ghosts out of sheets to float from the trees and have some eery (sp?)uplighting. We already put all the purple lights through the wisteria on the front porch with some figures hanging from them as well. The boxwoods are draped with orange lights & in the dark they look like pumpkins. A few ghouls in the yard. I still have the interior to do and the party favors and the music and food and...oh all the screaming crazy girls! It will be fun.

First picture is a part of a painting I have by Laurie Meseroll. One of many Halloween paintings by her I have. She is my fave.