Monday, May 14, 2007

Good night Aunties Priscilla, Edna, Grandma, Aunty Lurline and Mom

You gotta have friends....

I can't help myself. I love old tattered scary dolls. The crackly, ragged, worn the better. I like having dolls that have pieces missing. I wonder if in decades to come that all my daughter's Brat dolls with all their feet missing will attract someone like me. She can never keep their darn feet on. They are interchangeable and like their clothes, they somehow mysteriously disappear. And of course she was practicing to be a beautician by all the frizzy hair or butched hair jobs that they now sport. I remember when my Barbie's took a lickin'. Although their hair was not made to be combed back in my day. They had tight doos with little pearl earrings or was that what I put on them. You know, the ball headed needles in a variety of colors? I guess we all tried to "improve" our dolls.

Monday, May 7, 2007


Made this beeswax collage a couple years ago. Have to take pictures of more recent artwork. I was (and still am) so into wings. At Michael's they use to have feather wings for sale but I haven't been able to find any since the bird flu scare. I'm sure that it's a coincidence but that seems to be the last time I saw them for sale. I have a few left but my supply is dwindling. Used some rusty things I found at a junk yard for her "glasses".
I have found so many wonderful rusty things at "Mr. Jones" junk yard. Old windows (I think I have about 50 of them in hopes that one day soon my husband will build me a big greenhouse studio on top of the flat part of our roof) old doors, fencing materials, buckets of rusty gears and thingys. It's always an adventure rummaging through items tossed by others as junk and found by me as treasures waiting to be incorporated into some piece of art and to have a new life, new meaning.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Jack and Lulu

My little guys. I got so tired of finding little fur bunnies everyday, even though I vacuum each day, that I just took the scissors and gave them a cropping. Not too bad. A bit choppy but ok.
Tonight I am organizing my studio so that I can finish some projects and start some new ones. Looking at all the great blogs out there gives me inspiration. But before I can start to create, I have to make pretty. I can't focus on art if there is a mess in front of me. And after each project, there is a BIG mess.
I bought some semi-vintage metal cabinets. It's rusting just a bit on the top and that makes it even more beautiful to me. Ron hung them up in my studio and they look great. It's almost a Robin's egg blue. Seems to be THE color now. Or am I behind in the color times?

Isn't she lovely, isn't she fa-bu-lous....

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Goodnight Mary and your little lamb

Barn sale at Willow's Nest

Last month my business partner, Lee, and I went to a barn sale at Willow's Nest. Oh did my heart skip many beats! It was fabulous. Linda & Ludmil own this property which has a barn, an old 1500 sq ft. gym & they live in the school house. Here is the website

They hold barn sales and flea markets a few times a year. It was just simply breathtaking. The surroundings and the shopping. The sale was in the gymnasium instead of the barn. A handful of vendors were participating along with Willow's Nest owners Linda and Ludmil fabulous finds. When they opened the doors at 8, I walked in and could barely catch my breathe. So much to look at. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the inside but I was too busy shopping. We loved it so much that we are going to be a vendor in the flea market on June 23rd. I can't wait and yet I am a bit frightened. I need to produce alot of new things to take down there to sell and you should see some of the other artists work! It's a bit intimidating but I just want to be a part of it from the other side of the event. Oh and by being part of the event I do believe I may have the priviledge of being an early shopper!! I have my eye on a project that Ludmil is working on. It is a metal frame, looks like a small house, that was from France and used in a cemetery. He had a name for it but it escapes me now. A part is damaged so he is going to weld it & make it into an Aviary. Be still my heart!! He said it would be done by the June event. Now, I am not sure I would be able to afford it but we will see. I have a feeling that all that I may sell will just end up being spent there.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Goodnight Madeleine

May Day!

I cannot believe it's May already! Does time fly faster as you get older? Or is it we are just more aware of how little there is? Am I sounding like Carrie in "Sex in the City"? Ha.
Time just does seem to slip by so quickly UNLESS of course when you are at work thinking about all the things you could be doing at home that is soooo much more fun or for that matter, just getting the laundry done.
To be so lucky to love the job you have. To look forward to going to work each day. My job isn't a bad one, just isn't as challenging anymore and at my age and trying to find one that pays as well as this one does isn't that easy. Not that I am too old, but no spring chicken anymore. And where I work is pretty relaxed so that is a huge benefit. If any of my children or other family member needs my attention, there is never a hesitation in letting me go. It's understood family comes first. Oh and there is almost no dress code. As long as nothing is hanging out then it's pretty safe to say you can wear it. We very rarely have to actually see the public. All of it is done on computer and contact by phone. But I am luckier than most and that I try not to forget.
Different sister, Maddie and I were in the car. We are at a stop light and Maddie is reading a sign and pipes up from the back seat asking who in the heck would want to "Rent to Own" that pole? We had a good laugh about that one.