Monday, March 31, 2008

Arrrggghhhhh....banner fitting problems!

How the heck do I make it fit. So fustrating. Oh well, until next time, it's a bit off.


Great chocolate store in Seattle. Stopped in when we were at the Fremont Market.

Pretty in pink

An older small collage I did a few years back. Still love it.

A day in Seattle

A spur of the moment decision to go to the Fremont Market in Seattle today. I was going to get so much accomplished at home and kidded myself that we (or rather I) can just go up there, look really quick and come back to get all my work done. Ha.

I asked my sister and her daughter Carlie to come with us. Ron was our driver. He happily comes along to these ventures up to Seattle because his reward is a stop at Bottle Werks. A micro-beer lovers mecca.

I have never been to the Fremont Market. Don't know why, just haven't. Turned out to be a pretty decent day and I got some vintage only I could love dolls, tags, a necklace and a wrought iron plant stand. I would like to be a vendor this or next year there. The beautiful tags and necklace were from my friend Linda's booth. I meet her years ago when she owned a shop in the Northend of Tacoma called "Frona and Zig". I LOVED that store. It was on my weekly shop stop list. She moved then downtown Tacoma for a while. When I went down to visit one day, it was closed. Much to my excitement when I went to my first event at Willow Nest, there she was!! As always, she had something I just had to buy. I never leave her shop or space without having to have something. She now has a blog called Luluz, the link is under my favs to the right and is at the Fremont Market most Sundays. So nice to have found her again. You can purchase some of her wares online, see her blog.

Then off to Chinatown to have some dim sum. The pictures above are of my niece Carlie and my Madeleine in Chinatown. We were stuffed ourselves and then walked around to burn some of it off. Seattle is such a different world that we live in just 40ish miles away. It's a wonderful place to visit but I love our quiet little corner down south.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I love Crows

Some art for Gretchen and my artists reception at The Lark Gallery.

G&K's Artist Gallery Reception

Isn't she the cutest muffin ever? This is Nannette and her darling daughter Naftali. They attended Gretchen's and my gallery reception last month at The Lark Gallery in Tacoma. It
belongs to G and her friends. Last month was our turn to display our collaboration. It turned out wonderful. We managed to make 23 pieces and sold 15. Unbelievable! Tacoma doesn't dig deep in their pockets for art so this was amazing.
I will post more pictures. The next project Gretchen and I are working on is a carnival theme. I love old carny pictures. So we will see what we come up with. I think we are planning to have the show during "First Night" a New Year's celebration downtown Tacoma.

Good Kids

I think I am a pretty lucky person. I have a wonderful husband and children and a great family.
What more can anyone really ask for. They love me unconditionally and I them.
Here is a picture of our youngest son Dylan (one on the left) with his friends and of course my darling Madeleine our youngest daughter. His friend Chris came to say goodbye (he's the one in the suit) on Easter Sunday as he was leaving to join the Air Force. My Maddie has a little crush on Chris. All of Dylan's friends are such good kids. They love Maddie hanging out with them. Never complain that she is always there in Dylan's room to play video games or just to talk. There is hardly an evening that we don't have 6-9 cars in our driveway and the house full of boys and a girls. I love that they like to hang out here. They eat me out of house and home but that's ok, I prefer them here. Safe.
One evening when Ron, Maddie and I just finished dinner and cleared everything. Dylan and his friends returned. I set the table for maybe 6 of them to eat. I put the food on the table and I thought for sure all these big boys and girls would be diving in and grabbing food like crazy but they all bowed their heads & took each others hands and said a prayer of thanks. Then proceeded to break one of the 7 deadly sins.....gluttony! Ha. I was very touched that these kids said their prayers and not for my benefit but their's.
Dylan and the 3 guys at the end of the picture went on a road trip last night to Los Angeles. They decided they wanted to go down there to go to a restaurant owed by a band member in Tool called "Cobra and Matadors"? I worry about them going down there, it's so different and a much tougher rough crowd. But he's got to spread his wings. Ugh my stomach hurts! They will be back on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Under the weather

It's been a while since I posted anything. I was so busy with our gallery event & then when that ended I got sick. Got that cold/flu crud that has been going around & still not feeling chirper yet.

Will post this weekend. It's been so long since I have been this sick. I certainly do take feeling well for granted.