Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bird houses by Ludmil Markov

When I first visited Willow Nest ( back in April 2007 not only did I love everything there is about Willow Nest but also Linda and Ludmil's cats, Sister and Princess. I had told Linda if they ever needed someone to take them I would be more than happy to give them a home.

As you know Linda and Ludmil sold Willow Nest (their home in Washougal Wa) and moved to Texas. OMG, what flea markets are there!!! Anyway, so Saturday Ron and I went and picked up the girls. Ludmil was there loading up his moving truck and unfortunately Linda was ill. We got the girls loaded and Ludmil allowed me to take a sneek peak in the gymnasium. The new owners will carry on the tradition of Willow Nest and are having their first event next month. See Aleta's blog It will be called "Flourishes". I already have my eyes on 2 armoires there. It is going to be an event you won't want to miss.


Daddy Daughter Dance

Ron and Maddie attended their first Daddy daughter dance on Friday.
Maddie looked like a little Cinderella and her father quite dashing in his suit. Although Ron doesn't wear his suits often, infact this particular one he hadn't put on in months & he was horrifed that he couldn't button it. He actually had to lay down on the bed to get it buttoned. Hee hee.....welcome to my world! But my heart did hurt for him as I can't even imagine having fun and dancing in pants with a waistband that is 3 inches too small. But he sucked it up, literally, and had fun. He managed not to embarrass our tender 9 year old and kept his hands down at a respectable level while dancing. No flaying about feet kicking 80's dancing that night. After, a few of her friends and their father's all went out to the Keg for a nice dinner. My Ron gave his darling daughter a wonderful memory and she too gave him a night her will never forget.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Crow King

I know, it's a bit warped....a headless doll chasing a crowned crow. But it's based on a Marshalese folk tale. This is the last piece I did yesterday in Trish's class.

Encaustic classes with Patricia Seggebruch

Yesterday Gretchen and I took a all day class with Patricia Seggebruch,, of encaustics. She incorporated beginning with advanced class. I had some experience with encaustics so she did the advanced for me. I picked up some wonderful tips and new treatments. We were so fortunate to have only 3 of us in this session and she allowed us to stay and work on our art for as long as we wanted. What a treat.

Her studio is located in Snohomish and she has a beautiful 5 acre parcel and the detached looks like 2 RV garage is her studio. We had a great time learning and creating. The art below is created by Trish. She is also in current issue of "Cloth Paper Scissors" She is also going to be an instructor for the 2nd time (lucky her) at Teesha Moore's "Artfest". See

Encaustics class

Art by Patricia.

Here is Gretchen loading up at the end of a inspiring class. We then and went to have a beautiful bowl of Pho and when I got home to top the evening off I soaked in a warm bath with bath bombs made by Gretchen. Geranium. Ahhhhhh.