Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...

This weekend I continued my Christmas decorating. We had the perfect weather for it. Sunday it snowed...ok, it teased us with a sprinkle but it sure looked good for about 10 minutes. Then Monday came the downpour. Over 10 inches of rain fell & did some major havoc. But alas not to the building where I work.

On Saturday I sent my fabulous husband on a flocking spray run. He went to 7 stores & couldn't find any. Of course this is the first year I decided we needed a flocked tree and every other year before we would see that flocking spray but none this year. I finally told him to forget it and I will just go with a silver & glass glitter tree. It turned out just wonderful but I know that it would have been outrageous had it been heavily flocked. Oh well. I am thinking Paris pink for next year.

I also purchased 10 rolls of wrapping paper. Ron, my husband, thinks I may have gone just a bit too far with my control issues. I plan on giving the wrapping paper to anyone that is wrapping a present for under our tree. I want everything to just blend together nicely. No Spongebob (is that 2 words?) or dog & kitty wrapping paper under the tree that I painstakingly picked out each ornament to work together with each other . No way was Spongebob Square Pants going take all the focus away from the first view of the tree. Do you think that's overboard? I don't...but then again? Ehh.

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Queen of Tarte said...

Oh My G..!! That is so funny with the wrapping paper. I too have that issue. I tell my family what color to wrap their gifts in because I don't want them bringing gifts that have awful paper or clash with my decor. So, I don't think you are crazy...just very visual!!!