Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daddy Daughter Dance

Ron and Maddie attended their first Daddy daughter dance on Friday.
Maddie looked like a little Cinderella and her father quite dashing in his suit. Although Ron doesn't wear his suits often, infact this particular one he hadn't put on in months & he was horrifed that he couldn't button it. He actually had to lay down on the bed to get it buttoned. Hee hee.....welcome to my world! But my heart did hurt for him as I can't even imagine having fun and dancing in pants with a waistband that is 3 inches too small. But he sucked it up, literally, and had fun. He managed not to embarrass our tender 9 year old and kept his hands down at a respectable level while dancing. No flaying about feet kicking 80's dancing that night. After, a few of her friends and their father's all went out to the Keg for a nice dinner. My Ron gave his darling daughter a wonderful memory and she too gave him a night her will never forget.

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