Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My hopes...

These are my recent "hopes". The first is to finish one of the downstairs bathroom, the main one, or as Maddie had named it, "the broken bathroom". It has always been in some sort of disarray for a couple years. I keep changing my mind on wall color, wallpaper, etc. But I think I have finally made up my mind. I have purchased many years ago 2 very large vintage french dictionarys. Larousse Supplement I believe they are dated the late 1800's. It's beautifully illustrated (black & white and a few color plates) and yes, I am, using the pages as wallpaper. I struggled with this for awhile because I love these books but I love seeing it on the walls. It is perfect. Now I can shower, primp and learn french!

Now the second "hope", Laurie Meseroll is doing more paintings & I love the one posted here. Not sure yet how big & how much, if I can afford it, but it sure would work wonderfully on my very chic french dictionary walls! So I am working on attaining this picture. Check out her blog http://www.folkart.typepad.com There is a painting of some farm girls, this might look good on one of Joe & Jermonne's (of Barnhouse fame) walls. Hint hint. Ha. And of course you can find Laurie & others at http://earthangelstoys.com and tell Jen that Kathy in Tacoma sent you! Why aren't they hyperlinking??!!! Oh well, copy & paste away.

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Barn House said...

Hey Katherine! Long time no talk...we hope you and the familia are doing well! This art is really amazing...thanks for sharing! We are going to do the show in Seattle (Sandpoint) in January...how far away are you? Maybe you can take a little drive to see what Joe and Cindy have been working on. :o)