Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grace Madel McAfee Parry

Here is a drawing that Mrs. Parry did in junior high school around 1927. I luckily inherited it this week. She was an amazing woman. She was a teacher in a one room school in Eastern Texas. She was an equistrian. She traveled. She was ALWAYS positive and never had a disparaging word to say about anyone. She would turn a negative into a positive and so patient. She watched my two youngest children when I worked. She would make the kids the priority every day. She would play games with them all day long. One day when I was picking up Dylan (he was about 4) she told me that she and Dylan counted to 690 while he was on the potty. She would sit for however long it took for them to do whatever they needed or wanted to do. Even if she watched them all week long she would always tell me she would be glad to watch them so that Ron and I could go out on the weekends. And she meant it.

I looked through my previous postings & surprised I hadn't posted a picture of her. Since I have Mr. Parry below it's only fitting that I have Mrs. Parry too.

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lorhen82 said...

What a lovely story! We need more people like Mrs. Parry in the world! ~Lori