Sunday, June 6, 2010

O...M...G Susan Wheeler's "Home" store

Susan Wheeler's store

Wow! I dropped off a few items at Susan's store and I was completely blown away by all the gotta haves. Alas, my pocketbook would not let me have my way. :(

Susan has such a knack for finding the most beautiful things & then having the innate ability to know just how to stage them, to pair them against something that are so opposite but compliment each other. I just am in awe of her talent. I almost had to take a chill pill my heart was racing so with each turn. There was a vintage rosary necklace that I lusted after. At $550 maybe my family can pool their funds & get it for my birthday along with 50 other things I simply can't do without. :)

I always hope that there will be a point in my life (God I hope soon) that I will think I have enough. Susan's store is not helping achieve that. If you are in Georgetown please stop in and experience "Home" and "Great Stuff". You will not be sorry. I think they are open Wed thru Saturday only.