Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hawaii 1961

Ha! This is in Hawaii about 1961. Carol is the one with her foot extended and that's me with the pacifier in my mouth. The other two are Lolly and Bully, my other cousins. Bully's real name was Elliott. Not sure how he got the nickname Bully. I do not believe he was one.

During these years we spent alot of time at my Grandmother's home. I remember me and Carol following our Tutu (Grandfather) in the back yard. There was an outside shower in the back. I remember that we looked under the wooden shower door to take a peak at my very private Tutu. He shooed us out with his foot.

Other memories were New Year's Eve. In Hawaii we always had TONS of fireworks.

Sadly this is about all that I remember with my cousin until I returned from Germany when I was about 11.

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