Monday, April 9, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

It's wonderful here in the Northwest. All my plants are budding and the cherry trees are in full bloom. I love the spring in the NW!

I can't believe the deer have not eaten my virbirnum blooms yet. I am torn between letting them have what they want because we are encroaching more and more on their way of lives and my poor plants!! Oh well.

The pinks on this are the best. I wish I could recreate these colors and I would love to paint my bedroom shades of pink. Not sure how wonderful my husband would think it is. He's pretty easy going so it wouldn't be that hard of a sell.

I have been indoors today working on reorganizing my studio. Today I have decided to stop calling it my "craft room" and bumped up in the world & it's now my "studio". I guess since I have sold many of my art pieces I can begin to call myself an artist. I feel funny saying it though. No formal art education and still learning so I quietly call myself that & roll my eyes when someone else calls me an artist. Being an artist is so vunerable and scary. I think that is why "crafter" is so much more forgiving.

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