Thursday, May 1, 2008

Maddie and the Goat

One day on my way back to work from lunch we spotted a very large goat standing so proudly on top of a dog igloo. I asked my friend Lee to slow down and I rolled down the window to make a goat sound. I don't know why I feel the need to speak animal when I see one but I do. Then this goat understanding my goat speak leapt from the igloo & perched herself almost upright on the fence. I didn't have the nerve to get out of the car to find out if she would take my fingers off and we were late getting back to work.
So on Sunday I ask Ron if we could drive around Fife for some photo opportunities because I am on a committy for our webpage and was asked to find some lovely sites in and around Fife instead of what we currently had. A picture of Barney Fife. Now I thought that that was pretty funny but our district manager thought perhaps it gave an impression that we child support collecting folks maybe like Barney...bumbling, never get it right, etc etc. I said to me it shows that we had a great sense of humor and we don't take ourselves too seriously. Guess who got out voted. So off the 3 of us (Ron, Maddie (quite reluctantly) and I) went off to Fife. I myself looking at farm animals and I remembered that goat. We drove past the house slowly, I rolled down the window, made my noise and sure as heck she came running up to the fence. We got out and after talking to her to get a feel if she was a good goat or a nasty goat the good goat won. I slowly began touching her and after my finger not being taken off I was hooked. She kept pressing in me with her horns for more. Maddie finally got the courage to come over & give it a try. This is the picture when the goat got up on her hind legs & stood almost upright to take a closer look at Maddie. The goat has her tongue sticking out if you click on the picture for a large view. She was just so much fun and I was noticing that she was kept in the front yard. I couldn't see any food or water for her but she seemed healthy. I also noticed in the poop! My yard with my 2 Yorkie Poms make bigger poo piles then this goat did. So now I am working on my Ron for a goat. And maybe some sheep too from further down the road. He said maybe but I am thinking he's blowing me off.

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