Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mary's Little Lamb

Couldn't resist....last picture of lambs or any farm animals for a bit. Until I can find some new ones. There has to be some cows out in Fife. I don't know if my district manager had farm animals in mind for our website to depict us fine state workers. Ha.
We do have a great view of Mt. Rainier from work but the last several days it's either been clouded or hazy. Then maybe I can photoshop Barney Fife climbing Mt. Rainier & see if she notices. Hee hee.
Speaking of work, it's 2:36 and I have to get up at 5. Arrrghh. I hate it when I have insomnia or in tonight, fall asleep for an hour 1/2 only to be woken up by something & for the life of me can't stop thinking or worrying about stuff that keeps popping in my head. I took 1/2 of a sleepy pill and I think it's beginning to work. I won't get up in time but oh well.


Barn House said...

We know what you mean about the sheep and goat thing! We have 3 sheep and 2 goats (not to mention the chickens/turkeys/guineas). Every Spring we say that we want to breed the girls so we can have some little baby lambs and kids. We haven't done it yet...I think the idea of being "midwives" scares the heck out of us! We will probably end up just buying some after they are out of "the belly." :o)

J & J

flutterby said...

kathryn-love your blog, i like to go to happy places! funny thing, i've been taking pics of animals...i've just posted one that i think you would enjoy. We've probably met at linda and ludmils, but i'm not very good with names!
happy day.

Rein said...

What a great picture!