Sunday, February 22, 2009

Queen of Tarte Grand Opening

These pictures do not do justice to the magic that I participated in on Saturday.

My sister Carrie and I began our trek down to Cindy's Queen of Tarte Grand Opening of her new space (a huge barn) at 4 AM. After 2 1/2+ hours of driving we arrived in Oregon City. Walking through the doors was like walking into Wonderland. It was breathtaking! Cindy's guest vendors were the Barnhouse men, Joe and Jermonne and their area was the icing to Cindy's cake. Their styles compliment each other. It was all simply beautiful.

I was to get there early to help before the hoards of folk began coming. I helped a little but I was to unfocused because of the beauty that surrounded us. I couldn't decide what I wanted. Every thing was a must have. I came home with some wonderful treasures.

"If you build it, they will come". They did and I will again. Please see her site for upcoming events.


Maison Douce said...

Hi, Kathryne, we didn't formally meet but I know you and your sister were helping wrap my treasures... What a fun event that was!!! Next time I will introduce myself!!

Little Cottage said...

Hi Kathrine,
The BH boys directed me to your blog! I'm so exited to get your cupcakes recipe :o)
Thanks for a wonderful time together at Cindy's sale!

Queen of Tarte said...
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Queen of Tarte said...

Thank you for the lovely post...I truly believe in that saying "if you build it they will come" I have some many great ideas for the next events to keep them coming. Thanks again for all of your help...until next time. xoxox Cindy

Barn House said...

Thank you sooo much for all of your help on Saturday!! Those cupcakes you made were absolutely delicious. I think I ate about 4 even though they were supposed to be for the customers...oh well! Also, tell your sister "Bertha" thanks from BH. We could never pull off these kinds of shows without the support of friends like you!! :o) said...

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Julie Fillo said...

Hi Katherine,
I'm in Tacoma, are you near me? Your blog is fun to read, love the pics. I'm a big fan of Laurie M too. Did I gather you have a store somewhere?


jen said...

I just found your blog!
How fun...I would of loved to have gone to the Queen of Tarte event!!
It looked amazing!