Sunday, August 16, 2009

Barnhouse with special guest Willow Nest

I can't describe what a great time it was yesterday! Having a great time at BH is not unusual, it's the norm. It is always a wonderful going down to see Jermonne, Joe and Cindy BUT their special guests were the beautiful Linda & Ludmil of "Willow Nest".

They brought with them their fabulous wares from Texas. So many, that making a decision was painstaking. If you have never met Linda & Ludmil, you are missing something in life. Both of them are kind, sweet & just ethereal. I can't explain their presence other than that. They wander through the hoards of people talking to strangers and making them feel as if they are long lost friends. I miss them already.

Natalie of "Sparrow" and Robin of "Bird Tweets" were there to put the icing on the cake. These two are so talented & incredibly sweet. For real sweet. Robin did a story on Cindy for Somerset Magazine. She is a gifted writer & photographer. Check out January's (I think it's January) Somerset Life for her article & pics of Barnhouse!

Heather Bullard and her husband was also in attendance. Heather is there to do a photo shoot of BH for an upcoming article. Her blog is a feast for the eyes.

I am thrilled that much media coverage is happening for Jermonne & Joe. It is well deserved. It's a cliche, but it could not of happened to two better people.

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Barn House said...

Hey Kathy! Thanks so much for coming down with your friend Lee AND helping us out so much!! We couldn't have pulled off this event without your generous support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!