Monday, August 17, 2009

Some pictures of the garden

I love white flowers. At night, a white garden glows with the moon light. I especially love hydrangeas at this time. They turn from white to pink and are just romantic.

Our hops this year are full of buds. Last year for some reason it wasn't a hop year for us. So I will be able to make my hop head wreaths for my daughter's Princess Hop picture series. How I wish Robin lived in our area to take those pictures of her! Perhaps another year.

There is also a picture a pear from our dwarf pear tree. This poor tree has been struggling for years to live. The first year we got it it had a bit more branches than it does now. One night some baby raccoons decided they wanted to try and climb & hang from the branches. Needless to say they snapped & every year since then it would start out in the Spring just healthy & gorgeous pear blooms but then the leaves would get spots & curl. No fruit. Each year I say I am going to get rid of it and each year I haven't had the heart. This year, it rewarded and thanked us with three pears. I can't wait to have it on some bruchetta with blue cheese & a drizzle of honey. Yum!

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robin-bird said...

i would love to partake in a princess hop crown making and photo taking adventure miss katherine. you are taking some wonderful photographs of your garden. your delicate hydrangea and that perfect pear. you will do the hop princess justice without a doubt.