Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A work in progress, well actually it's done but this is when it was in progress. I love this picture. The middle woman is my mother-in-law, Grace Madele Mcafee Parry. The closest to a saint I will ever meet. She was the most absolutely patient person. She took her sweet southern time about everything. She was after all, Texan. Mrs. Parry was a school teacher in a one room school in Texas in the early 30's. I called her Mrs. Parry because first all I only call my mother Mom and I couldn't call her Grace, that seemed to disrespectful so it was Mrs. Parry.
Mrs. Parry would watch Dylan for us while we worked. She would sit with Dylan while he was on the potty and read to him or just talk. One day when I arrived to pick him she told me on how she sat with him while he was going potty (Dylan was about 4 yrs old) and they counted to 600 together. 600. My jaw must of dropped. I couldn't imagine me sitting there for how long counting slowly to 600. Then when Dylan began going to kindergarten she picked him up from his school and he feel asleep in his car seat. She didn't want to disturb him so she stayed in the car with him and worked on some crossword puzzles until he woke up from his nap. She always put my children first before anything else. My Dylan looks so much like her. And her faith has also impacted Dylan. He is the only one of us that goes to church every Sunday. He's 18 now.
Mrs. Parry watched our youngest Madeleine until she started kindergarten. She would of continued to but we live in a different school district and she was 84 and we really didn't trust her too much to drive across town to pick her up but made sure Maddie would see her on weekends and every school holiday. That is what kept her going. Maddie was her purpose to go on each day. We lost Mrs. Parry in 2004. I still can't believe she is gone. If everyone could be just a little like her, the world would be good.

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