Monday, April 21, 2008

The Virgin Mary of Guadalupe Garage Sale

Yes, it's the VM on a piece of toast. A multi-person garage sale at my friend Gretchen's house on Saturday and Sunday honoring the VM of Guadalupe. Why? Just because.
There was about 8 of us selling whatever was laying around taking up space in our world. We had some extremely cool music (thanks to DJ Gretch) to move around to to keep warm. Saturday we had all four seasons in one day but that did not keep the hourds of people from coming to buy to their hearts content. We roasted hot dogs on a fabulous rotissere machine. I have never tasted a hot dog so good before. Could be that I hadn't had anything all day except for that hot roasted hot dog. Man was it good. 2 o'clock came around and it was beer time. A beer and another dog was just the ticket.

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