Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Rosenthal

When I was 8 and living in Germany my mother bought me and my older sister a set for 12 of Rosenthal dishes. This is my set and my sister got the set that supposedly JFK had. My set has every extra dish there was to be had. I love my dishes but unfortunately I am afraid to use them. I have only 3 times used them and each time was at family gatherings with my mother (Thanksgiving/Christmas). She didn't help matters any by telling me that someone was going to break something so only the older adults got to use the good stuff, the rest had to use the everyday plain white sturdy restaurant style dishes. Each time someone would walk with a plate I could hear her suck in air. I swear each time she comes over she takes a count of them in the hutch. Ha. My mother is very proud of those dishes. She bought mine and my sister's dishes with her own hard earned cash. She cleaned other people's houses in order to get us these so I understand and so appreciate what she did for us. She is so German and it was very important to her that we have a good set of china. My father, not so much & that is why it was up to her to earn her own money to buy it for us. That was alot of house cleaning and I am forever grateful and lucky.

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