Monday, May 7, 2007


Made this beeswax collage a couple years ago. Have to take pictures of more recent artwork. I was (and still am) so into wings. At Michael's they use to have feather wings for sale but I haven't been able to find any since the bird flu scare. I'm sure that it's a coincidence but that seems to be the last time I saw them for sale. I have a few left but my supply is dwindling. Used some rusty things I found at a junk yard for her "glasses".
I have found so many wonderful rusty things at "Mr. Jones" junk yard. Old windows (I think I have about 50 of them in hopes that one day soon my husband will build me a big greenhouse studio on top of the flat part of our roof) old doors, fencing materials, buckets of rusty gears and thingys. It's always an adventure rummaging through items tossed by others as junk and found by me as treasures waiting to be incorporated into some piece of art and to have a new life, new meaning.


Jamie said...

I love this Kathrine. I have found some wings lately at Hobby Lobby. Do you have those stores? I could pick some up for you if you ever get desperate:) Jamie

purple cucumbers folk art said...

I still love your photos and bees wax dolls creations,would love to see more.hVW great day darling

purple cucumbers folk art said...

would love to hear more about this part of yopur art!
"I moved up from plain beeswax to beeswax with damar resins. Makes the beeswax harder and it polishes up so beautifully"

Loudlife said...

Katherine -

Someone on another blog was raving about your blog a couple months ago and I made a mental note (okay and a written one!) about it. Today I decided to take a look for myself! I love this piece and also your "withching hour" piece - love that rust! I'd like to learn more about working with beeswax - so far my experiments have been kind of dismal!

I was reading along, reading about your trip to the Willow's Nest place and looking at the pictures someone else took of Folie a Deux and thinking, "Why aren't these places ever in our part of the country?" (insert whining tone)

Well, how much of a dork am I??? I keep reading, reading, reading and get to the post where you talk about your upcoming visit to the Willow's Nest place're in Tacoma!!! I'm thrilled! I'm in Shoreline!

We're going to be down in Tacoma on...June 23rd. Oh. Bummer (for me), you guys will be at the sale. I don't think I can go the extra distance that day (although I would love to), my husband is showing vintage bikes at the Maritime Museum with the Skid Kings Vintage Bicycle Club.

I'll have to check out your store next time we're down there. My sister lives near Frisko Freeze and his is just off Pearl, so we're down there occasionally. I can't wait to see it in person!

Have a great day and weekend!

One Crabapple said...

This is Incredibly Wonderful !!!

And you know...I never thought of that ! not being able to find feathered things and the Bird Flu....Smart Thinking ! Wow...yehhh. I bet you are right.

Going on to look around your blog some more. Good STUFF HERE !!!

Love, S