Monday, May 14, 2007

You gotta have friends....

I can't help myself. I love old tattered scary dolls. The crackly, ragged, worn the better. I like having dolls that have pieces missing. I wonder if in decades to come that all my daughter's Brat dolls with all their feet missing will attract someone like me. She can never keep their darn feet on. They are interchangeable and like their clothes, they somehow mysteriously disappear. And of course she was practicing to be a beautician by all the frizzy hair or butched hair jobs that they now sport. I remember when my Barbie's took a lickin'. Although their hair was not made to be combed back in my day. They had tight doos with little pearl earrings or was that what I put on them. You know, the ball headed needles in a variety of colors? I guess we all tried to "improve" our dolls.


purple cucumbers folk art said...

need y'alls help darlings

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Izabella said...


I am ab~soul~utely enthralled with your art! you are very talented, I first saw your art this summer in your store in that store, it was the highlight of my vacation! ;) I had the pleasure of meeting your lovely friend/store partner~ I CANNOT wait to come visit again next summer~

I would love love love to keep in touch to see your new projects (I bought a few pieces at your store)

xo!! ~Izabella