Friday, May 4, 2007

Jack and Lulu

My little guys. I got so tired of finding little fur bunnies everyday, even though I vacuum each day, that I just took the scissors and gave them a cropping. Not too bad. A bit choppy but ok.
Tonight I am organizing my studio so that I can finish some projects and start some new ones. Looking at all the great blogs out there gives me inspiration. But before I can start to create, I have to make pretty. I can't focus on art if there is a mess in front of me. And after each project, there is a BIG mess.
I bought some semi-vintage metal cabinets. It's rusting just a bit on the top and that makes it even more beautiful to me. Ron hung them up in my studio and they look great. It's almost a Robin's egg blue. Seems to be THE color now. Or am I behind in the color times?

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A bird in the hand said...

Oh! adorable doggies! I get very silly and mushy around doggies like these. Kiss kiss woof woof Jack and Lulu!!!