Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Day!

I cannot believe it's May already! Does time fly faster as you get older? Or is it we are just more aware of how little there is? Am I sounding like Carrie in "Sex in the City"? Ha.
Time just does seem to slip by so quickly UNLESS of course when you are at work thinking about all the things you could be doing at home that is soooo much more fun or for that matter, just getting the laundry done.
To be so lucky to love the job you have. To look forward to going to work each day. My job isn't a bad one, just isn't as challenging anymore and at my age and trying to find one that pays as well as this one does isn't that easy. Not that I am too old, but no spring chicken anymore. And where I work is pretty relaxed so that is a huge benefit. If any of my children or other family member needs my attention, there is never a hesitation in letting me go. It's understood family comes first. Oh and there is almost no dress code. As long as nothing is hanging out then it's pretty safe to say you can wear it. We very rarely have to actually see the public. All of it is done on computer and contact by phone. But I am luckier than most and that I try not to forget.
Different subject....my sister, Maddie and I were in the car. We are at a stop light and Maddie is reading a sign and pipes up from the back seat asking who in the heck would want to "Rent to Own" that pole? We had a good laugh about that one.

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