Sunday, September 28, 2008

Barn House in August 2008

Here are some much delayed pictures of the Barnhouse event in August. I think it was on the 22nd.

Yesterday on Barn House's blog, Jermonne talks about getting caught on his deck in limited attire. It made me laugh and reminded me of a similar incident in our home.

About 3 weeks ago, Josh, my son's friend who has been staying with us for the summer, woke up to get ready for work. Much to his & my husband Ron's surprise Josh caught him eating his breakfast,a piece of chicken, over the sink in his tighty whiteys. Poor Josh, that no doubt will be etched in his mind forever. And a lesson for my husband to put some pants on.

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Barn House said...

Tell your husband that's what people get for sneaking up on him!! LOL I am going to start giving people cow bells that will be required when entering our property. ;o)