Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last days of Summer

Where has the summer gone? These pictures taken last month of Madeleine and the other of her, her cousin Carlie and Maddie's friend since kindergarten.

Madeleine and Carlie are more like sisters than cousins. They are 6 months apart and since birth have always been together. They laugh so much and it's hilarious when they are arguing. Their arguments only last minutes and they are back to giggling again.

My friend Gretchen mentioned how much Madeleine looks like Charlotte Gainsbourg (sp?). I have to agree. I have been looking at pictures of her and there is a strong resemblance. My poor darling, she couldn't sleep tonight because she said she kept thinking of sad things. I asked her what kind of sad things and she replied about people dying. She once cried that she was sad that she was the youngest as that meant she would be alive longer and didn't want all of us to die. Breaks my heart. She is our youngest. Our very much wanted surprise baby. My children are 27, 24, 19 and Maddie 10. She is all of our pride and joy and each one of my children spoil her and treat as the princess she is. She has such a good heart. All my children do. Who could ask for more.

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