Saturday, September 27, 2008


I love the color pink yet I hardly have any of it in my home. I am working on changing that as soon as I get done with the other gazillion projects I have going on right now.

I want to paint our living room in the Spring from "Coco" to "Roman Ruins". It's a frenchy gray. At Barnhouse last weekend I purchased 2 pink dupioni pillows made by "Worthy Goods" and some ironstone from "Sparrow". So pink, gray, creamy white and some gilded things is what I am aiming for. The furniture I currently have is Ikea's white slipcovered "Ektorp". I LOVE it. It's so inexpensive that I have 3 sets of white slipcovers just in case. I recently discovered that they now offer the slipcovers in PINK!


A bird in the hand said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Happy birthday for last wednesday. I'll be right over. Crack open the Veuve Cliquot and I'll bring some petits gâteaux!

laura said...

Hi Kathrine,

I have just shown your work 'Separation Anxiety' to my two year 11 Drama classes and used it as stimulus for a practical task. We spent some time discussing the colour, texture, mood and symbol. At the end of the lesson they assumed that I would be able to tell them exactly what the artist was trying to convey. Although I said it was what the painting meant to them that was the most important thing, they were bitterly disappointed when I couldn't give them any further insight.
I thought it was quite funny and sweet... They got themselves so worked up about who the child was and what he had gone through that I think they were looking for 'closure'.
I know they would be terribly excited if I could go back to them with a message - however cryptic or revealing - about this work.
I really enjoyed looking through your collection.
All the best
P.S. If you don’t mind, could you let me know your surname or preferred name? I want to make sure I credit the work and reference it properly as I have to send information about all the materials I’ve used to the GCSE Examining Body. Ta!