Monday, January 21, 2008

New Project

My friend Gretchen owns the new art gallery in downtown Tacoma, "The Lark Gallery". Next month we are collaborating on a show. One of the subjects of our project is the head above. I made his features a bit bird like as he is going to be our Icarus. I took a photo of one a dolls head she had and tweeked his eyes, ears and mouth in PS. I am not sure if he looks wicked or naive.
He's going to be on a canvas that is about 4x4 and we managed to make a bit of progress today. We gave him his wings and used beeswax to adhere them to the canvas. We hand dyed each feather and attached it. It's not quite there yet, but it will be. I am now looking through all my vintage pictures to pick the right feet. I think we settled on one. It's the feet of a little boy in stockings & balloon pants. I will keep looking just in case I find something better.
I love working with Gretchen as her imagination is so dramatic and lively whereas mine can be a bit tame. She dares to be drastic and I lean towards the safe side so together we make a great pair. I at times pull her in and most times she makes me stretch. I need that.
I would also say that G is fearless. She isn't afraid to put her expressions, imagination and creations out there. I am always worried that it's not good enough or I see all the faults in my work and the first one to point them all out.
This is our second time working together. The first time we did three canvases and lo and behold they sold. And for a very pretty penny too. I was shocked. A realtor came in my shop "Folie a Deux" and bought all three and a few assemblages that I made. That was an exciting day to have sold that many pieces of art at one time.
So next month when we are done with all of them I will be sure to post some of them.

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