Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pages from an altered book

Here are some
pages out of
an altered book that I did a few years ago.
Maddie is the queen of the fairies and I cut her ears a tad bit pointed. I look back at my work and it's not pink and frilly. I would like to be pink and frilly but it just never seems to go there. I see other sites that have lovely light bright pink fun stuff and mine veers off to somewhere a bit darker and a bit quirky/odd. This spring I am going to try and just be a bit different. Challenge myself. I am throwing the gauntlet down. I love pink, soft grays and taupes so why aren't they more in my art?

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Dapoppins said...

I want to do more of this kind of altered stuff, but I can't find the balance...and I am not sure of the right mediums and supplies to use. I don't think this is too dark, but I know what you mean about the daughter is teaching me all about pink.

I noticed a trend in some of the colors used in scrap books were going lighter, brighter...and then I looked at some of mine I did for my children, and they all seem dark and heavy. But it isn't about me. The kids love looking at their books and that is all that matters, right?