Friday, January 25, 2008

Newly painted dining room

I decided to take my branch ceiling down. I do miss it but wanted a change. Painted the walls same color as in the living room, Cocoa and Whip for the trim in Devine paints. I also decided to paint the china hutch, dining room table & chairs. I replaced the knobs on the hutch with some vintage crystal door knobs I picked up in an antique store. Hung an old chandelier that I got from a friend and am very happy with the results. For a year at least. I LOVE to paint. That first swoosh of the paint brush on the wall gives me such a thrill. I am already thinking about what the next color is going to be. Something grayish....maybe.

I don't understand why people are so hesitant to paint or they take forever deciding on the right color. It's just paint. If you don't like it, paint it again. I have friends that take WEEKS before they decide on a color. I just can't imagine. I think I have about 5 of my layers of paint on our walls on top of the previous owners various experiments. Our home is built in 40s and we may be the 3rd owners of this home. I will have to research that.


Queen of Tarte said...

It looks beautiful. Great color...I used to have my living room Devine Bavarian before the french grey!!! Love the white furniture...

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