Monday, July 6, 2009

Barnhouse May 2009

My sister and I visited the Barnhouse boys in May. They were so gracious to ask us to come the night before and have a sleep over along with Cindy (of Queen of Tarte fame). What a treat. Being around Jermonne, Joe & Cindy is always such a delight & inspiration. They are incredibly talented & so much FUN! We came well equipped with some fun in a bottle. We stayed up late preparing the barn for the next day.

The event was hectic, crazy and fun. I have met some fellow bloggers & Sally Jean Alexander who I shamelessly asked if I could be squeezed into one of her upcoming home/studio classes.

In a couple weeks, July 18th to be exact, BH is having a HUGE fleamarket with over 20 vendors. My sister, Carrie (aka Bertha ha) are going to have a food booth. A bit daunting as BH had attended Farm Chicks last month & have a massed even more fans so no doubt they will be venturing to BH on the 18th. I am excited & a bit nervous but most of all, looking forward to be part of the fun. Oh, and this event will be covered for the January 2010 issue of "Somerset Life"!! Cindy is in the current issue! I am bringing my issue on the 18th for an autograph!!

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Barn House said...

I just realized you updated your blog! I am really bad...especially if you are blogging more than me!! lol :o)

Can't wait to see you soon...