Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Johnny Fermo


Each time I go to the Calvary Cemetary here in Tacoma I have to stop and visit Johnny Fermo. I wonder what kind of child was he, did he have a happy life, how devastated his parent's must of been losing him and how is it that he died so young? Does he have any family members that visit?

If not, he has me.


Anonymous said...

Mother.... you may be creepy.Just don;t let Jonny follow you home, the other ghosts may not like it.- Your Fav Daughter.

robin-bird said...

hi katherine :) i am still thinking about that coconut cake i ate last week. you and your sister are amazingly varied in your talents! i wrote down the bees wax idea for a photo of my dad and i love my little bird-nest cup.. and as i said...that cake is still on my mind :) it has been nice getting to know you and i am looking forward to many more opportunities to eat your food, buy your art and chat!!

i have taken many photos in graveyards and i often think and feel just as you described here in your post. so many stories...

mimi charmante said...

I just read that his brother, who was three years younger than he just passed away this past June.

I love graveyards.

I also love that I found your blog!!! Could you email me your email address?