Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There's a new man at Barnhouse....

And his name is Dexter. A wonderful warm, loving, soft spoken, big gentle giant of a cow. Isn't he gorgeous?!! Jermonne & Joe have added a few more livestock to their collection. Dexter, 3 cuddley (sp?) kittens (my daughter & nieces thought they should be called Twitter, Myspace & Facebook ha) 2 llamas and a cutest can be goat named Olivia.

My sister, nieces, daughter & I ventured down to see the boys of Barnhouse & discuss the plans for Saturday's HUGE flea market. Egads, it's THIS Saturday!!! I am feeling the pressure!

Besides Dexter pictured, there is my baby girl Maddie holding one of the kittens and where our space will be. I cannot believe the transformation that happens. Sunday the boys were so hard at work. Moving, building, making time for us, etc. It is pure magic how it all transforms into a wonderland. We will be down this Friday to set things up and do some decorating. This is going to be a blast! I see something already I would like to call dibs on pictured on the BH website!

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