Monday, April 9, 2007

Rhoddies rhoddies rhoddies

Back to spring....if I could I would love to just stay home and do nothing but art and yard work. That would be heaven to me. Having a full time job, a small shop called "Folie a Deux" in downtown Tacoma, keeping up with the house and artwork, I feel my yard suffering. I am not the type to let things go for the sake of the other so that is why some days I get alittle crazy. My poor daughter told my sister that "Mommy just loves me so much in the mornings, but not so much after work". That mad me laugh and at the same time broke my heart!!! I get a bit militant when we walk in the house & start giving commands like a drill sargeant for everyone to just pick up after themselves. Deep breathe. That is what I have to remember to do. What is more important after all? I keep asking myself that but I tell you, it's the German in me, I can't help it. I must have things perfect which is impossible, thus my craziness.

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