Monday, April 16, 2007


I cannot photograph food. Not to mention I think I need my eyes re-examined!
So here is the Caesar. At the request of my sister, she wanted lots of croutons. Granted.
In the summer is when I like Caesar salads the best. I like to top it off with grilled Lemon Garlic Prawns or steak marinated in rosemary, garlic and red wine. Making my mouth water thinking about it. By the end of summer I am so tired of making it because so many people request it. So now my taste buds (and hands from cutting the artisan bread) are ready for the season.


purple cucumbers folk art said...

Hi darling,just passsing threw,come see my new hair cut!not by my choise,love the mud cake painting.see you soon.

erika tysse said...

I want a salad just like that one! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving kind words, I will be back here for some inspiration!

Tracey said...

Food is difficult to photograph, for whatever reason. I think you've done fine.

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.