Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lips Like Sugar

My friend, Gretchen Bailey, and I collaborated on 3 collages in February. We had a "Forlorn" art show in Sanford and Son. We used this picture I took of the dolls lips in a encaustic collage. I moved up from plain beeswax to beeswax with damar resins. Makes the beeswax harder and it polishes up so beautifully. I have to get a photo of our completed project. You can kind of see it on the wall in the Bit of Folie a Deux post.
I had just read this evening on Faeriewindow blog that it is proper etiquette to ask someone if they would like to link. I had no clue and I apologize for linking people without asking. Now should I remove them? Nah, I think I will just ask from now on.
Lori from http://faeriewindow.blogspot.com/ asked if we can link. Thank you, yes!

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