Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday..a day of rest

How I wish. Sundays seem to be my
crunch day. All the things that I hoped to accomplish and hadn't needs to be done today.
My husband, Ron, has been on a business trip to New Orleans for two weeks. I had such plans on what I was going to do while he's gone. I was going to totally gut the garage and edit putting things back in. While he's gone. That was the key. I (I wish WE) have a rule...if you haven't touched it in 5 years, it really may need to be gotten rid of. We haven't been able to park a car in there for 10 years. I have visions of moving my studio to the garage where I can have a huge long farmer's table to work on. Right now I have the old master bedroom, which is big, but I ran out of space quickly.
Ron is back today and my best layed ( or is it laid??)plans are out the window. Oh well. I am just glad he's coming home. So tonight we will barbeque up some steaks and I will make Caesar salad with my own dressing and homemade croutons. My friends rave about my Caesar salads. It is very tasty. I made it once for our office of 100 and knocked their socks off! HEY! I have a blog now. I will take a picture of it tonight!!


A bird in the hand said...

Ooh! I'm famous for my Caesar salad too, with home made dressing and home made croutons! Maybe we should trade recipes.

That farmer's table sounds fabulous.

Jamie said...

Oh my! You have two Ninnies AND two Laurie Meseroll paintings? You lucky girl you! I really love all that you have posted lately. The shop looks totally fabulous and I know I would spend hours there looking around and poking into corners:) I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your Marta. She really is beautiful. Have a wonderful day! Jamie

Holly Stinnett said...

Hello! I found you through Sandy's (Art Tea Life) blog. I love your blog..I've enjoyed reading it and love your work... especially love your Lynne Whipple pieces... WOW! They are fantastic. Have a wonderful week!
Venice, CA