Monday, April 9, 2007

More art stuff

Took pictures of a doll, grunged them up with brushes, dipped in wax glued to vintage french ledger paper & glued to painted canvas & dipped in wax again. Thought I was loading these at the bottom of this entry, but guess not. Still such a novice at this.

Another assemblage of my youngest daughter. Got a thing for wings and hats. Everything (except the box and moss) is dipped or brushed with beeswax. I discovered beeswax from Claudine Hellmuth about 4 or 5 years ago. Her website is I have 2 pots of wax in my studio and when they are on, they fill the house with the most beautiful smell. It's more of a fall smell for me. I guess I tend to do it more in the fall & winter because of the added heat to my studio. One pot is clear wax and the other natural.
I was fortunate enough to take a class from Claudine when she was in Washington. She is such a sweet person and she just blew me away when she said she thought she sucked sometimes. Even an artist like her had her doubts about her work when working with the likes of Teesha Moore, Judi Reisch (favorite assemblagist (is this right?), Lynn Perrella, Sarah Fishburn and Lynn Whipple (another one of my all time fav's So I guess even when you are established those doubts never do go away.

After all these entries, I will have to go back to writing about my cousin. The weather has given me such a rush of energy and a sense of well being.

Ta-da! I figured it out how to drag the picture to where you want it. Now, if I can only remember it tomorrow! Ha.
I love Hens and Chicks or Chicks and Hens, whatever, however you or they are called. I call them Chicks and Hens. Succulents. I have them tucked everywhere. This was taken today. I found this salvaged piece of concrete tube and fill them with my little chickies.

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