Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Paris in her Bones

This kind of reminds me of that British show back in the 60's. I think it was a spin-off of "Secret Agent Man" called "The Prisoner". The actor was Patrick McGohan. At the end of the opening credits, just his face zooms up to the TV screen and bars slam shut. Maddie's head reminds me of that. That was a very British show. Weird, quirky and mod. Ha. Mod. How often do you hear that word anymore.

I remember watching those shows and also "The Avengers". We were in Germany when I first saw it and in German it was called "Mit Schrim Charme und Melone". I have no idea why I remembered that. I do know that "schrim" is an umbrella, can't remember the rest. I think alot of us young girls at the time wanted to be Emma Peel. She was so cool.

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