Monday, April 9, 2007

All things rusty and old.

Isn't this beautiful? I love rust. So on the side of my driveway, I have 14 of these wonderful old radiators. They were taken from the old (I think it was called) Mecca Hotel in downtown Tacoma. It was above the Mecca theater, which was a porn theater, but has been purchased & is currently being renovated into a pub.

We will be selling them in our store, Folie a Deux, and I will also be using a few in the yard as an interesting divider or something and use some in my house as legs for a table. Get some tempered glass & set it on top. We'll see how that works.
I have so many old windows, a couple of sinks, lots of moulding with wonderful chippy wood all just waiting to become my next project. My kids and husband will be glad when everthing is in use.
I began collecting big old windows in hopes that one day my husband, Ron, will make me a huge greenhouse studio on our flat roof that is over the 80's addition. Then I can gaze at the stars at night while creating. day.


FolkArt said...

Hi Kathy! Wow--you've really been working on your blog. I love seeing all the spring images--are those really from this year? It's so cold in Ohio. Your "Reach Out and Touch Faith" isn't creepy at all--I know just where it would fit at my house (hint!)

(this is from Laurie Meseroll-- am I supposed to sign my name at the end of a blog post--I don't know blogging etiquette)

Kathrine said...

Hi Laurie!!

Yep, this year and I have no idea about blog etiquette!! Newbie myself.

Thank you so much for your compliment. I knew though you would get it!